Programs and Initiatives

I believe in the power of community and understand a thriving society is built on community relationships. These are a few programs and initiatives I have participated in during my time with the Anoka County Sheriff's office.

I've participated in the following...

The Anoka County Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council serves as an advisory body to the Anoka County Board of Commissioners on the development, maintenance, coordination, and evaluation of emergency medical services of Anoka County.

Hope 4 Youth is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization in Anoka County that helps young people, ages 16 to 24, who are experiencing homelessness in the northern Twin Cities metro area.  Our mission is to provide pathways to end youth homelessness.  Hope 4 Youth helps young people find emergency shelter and long term housing.  The organization also assists with education and employment opportunities that creat career pathways for young people.

Our UAS (drone) program has been an integral tool for the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office and our public safety partners in Anoka County.  This program has been used to track down suspects, locate missing persons, document crime scenes, and provide a Birdseye view of complex scenes.  The success stories continue to be written with this advanced technology.  The Anoka County County Sheriff’s Office was one of the first UAS programs in the State of Minnesota receiving FAA authorization.  I worked closely with vendors to select the right UAS platform for our missions.  I also worked closely with the FAA to receive authorization.  I researched and developed office policy and procedures to ensure were operating within state statute and best practices.   My priority was to always ensure we were protecting the privacy of our community while balancing the need to protect the community.

Body worn cameras have become commonplace in our society.  I was responsible for the development and implementation of this technology for the Sheriff’s Office nearly 5 years ago.  They are used to document our interactions with the community.  They provide evidence in criminal investigations and provide a system of accountability and transparency to our community.  Along with the body worn cameras we have in-squad camera systems.  We have had in squad camera system for over 15 years.  Our deputies have operated under a microscope for years with these camera systems.  Our staff and I are comfortable operating in these conditions as I believe we shine under the microscope.  I am proud of our staff and believe these camera systems support the great work they do.

In 2009, as a sergeant with the administrative division I was tasked with coordinating the move of the entire Sheriff’s Office to the new Sheriff’s Office facility in Andover.  This was a massive undertaking involving 5 divisions and multiple locations.  The move also had to ensure we maintained operations throughout.  This required great attention to detail and organization.  We successfully moved into the new Sheriff’s Office facility in December of 2009.  This responsibility also helped to further understand the complexities of each of the divisions of our office.

A colleague and I began the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office Health Family workshop years ago.  This was an idea to ensure resources and information about the stresses of law enforcement is provided to the employee and their family in the first week of being hired with the office.  We truly care about our staff members and want them to be successful personally and professionally.  I believe you must be successful in both to thrive.  We have had very positive feedback on this program and it continues very strong today.  Last year we added our own mental health professional to provide two check ins per year with our staff.  I am continually thinking of ways we can better support our staff.